Guide to buy safely and easily via PayPal,
using a credit card or PayPal account.

(If you are unable to pay through Paypal send an e-mail to:, and we'll give you further instructions.)

 You can view your shopping cart anytime by clicking the following button, which appears throughout the online store:

View shopping cart


The way to buy in our online store is very easy and here comes an example: how to buy the Angélique CD.

[NOTE: All sample images shown throughout this document might be slightly different depending on the browser you are using. Click them to enlarge.]

1. Add items to the cart:

Add to cart

1) Type the quantity of items you want to buy.

2) Click the "BUY" button to add items to your cart.

2. Adding shipping costs to the cart:

Add shipping costs

If you are done with the shopping you must choose your delivery country before checking out, so the shipping costs are added to the cart.
Shipping costs may vary depending on where you live and the weight of your order. You may consult our shipping costs table here.

3. Check out:

Check out

Click the "CHECK OUT" button to continue. A PayPal window will open up so you may proceed to checkout:

Show order details

The order's summary is shown in the top of the window. Click the marked icon (image above) to view full order's details:

Order details

Here you choose the payment option. You can use a credit card:

Payment with a credit card

or a PayPal account:

Payment with a PayPal account

4. Confirm payment:

Your are almost done; review all information and confirm your order (by clicking the "Pay € Now" button):

 PayPal will e-mail you your order's receipt.
 You will receive your order in a 3-10 working days interval, depending on where you are gonna receive it.

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