(Montsacrum Media, 2008)

Chapter I

1. Libera Me – Overture for Choir and Orchestra in E minor (2:01)
2. Wolf (6:00)
3. The Night Song (7:04)
4. Saint-Germain (The Man Who Killed Death) Part I (6:14)
5. Saint-Germain (The Man Who Killed Death) Part II (5:42)
6. Rain (4:21)

Chapter II

7. Wanderer (3:08)
8. In My Dreams (5:09)
9. Venom X (7:18)
10. The Mastery Of Pain (6:46)
11. Follow The Chain (5:33)
12. Seven Candle Circle (5:15)
13. Under The Cathedral (1:30)


14. In Darkness (rmx) (2:47)

Total time: 68:52

It's hard to describe the music of Angélique in a few words, you just must listen to it. Gothic, symphonic, power, death, electronica... A multi-layered soundscape made of apparent opposites. And the plot of this elaborate concept album is just as complex: Angélique is a 21th century Metal Opera about the arcane writing process of a homonym and fictitious 19th century classical opera. Thus, ANGELDARK build bridges between the European musical romanticism and the avant-garde of melodic metal, featuring soprano Berenice Musa and the whole Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

Produced by Santiago Fano at Bunker Estudios, the album was mastered by George Marino and UE Nastasi (Iron Maiden, Coldplay, Metallica) at Sterling Sound, New York.


Produced by Santiago Fano
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Santiago Fano at Bunker Estudios (Asturies)
Studio assistance and additional engineering by Alberto Rionda
Mastered by George Marino & UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound (New York)

Soprano: Berenice Musa (
Electronics & Programming by Santiago Fano
Bass played by Santiago Fano except tracks 8 & 11 by Marcos Cuadrado
Artwork & Layout by Jarno "Wise Man" Lahti (

"Angélique" is an original concept by Santiago Fano

The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra & Choir of the City of Bratislava
Score written by Santiago Fano
Conductor: David Hernando
Recorded by Othmar Eichinger the Studio 2 of the Slovak National Radio
Mixed by Othmar Eichinger & Santiago Fano

Angélique: Berenice Musa
Omega: Marcos Cuadrado
Doménico, Alpha & The Count of Saint-Germain: Santiago Fano